2 Days in Copenhagen: Travel Guide

In this post we will help you to plan your perfect weekend in Copenhagen. Following our itinerary, you will visit all the top tourist attractions during 2 days in Copenhagen. You will experience the vibrant atmosphere of the city, savor local cuisine and fall in love in the capital of Denmark.

Is 2 days in Copenhagen enough?

There are so many things to do in Copenhagen, so make sure that you know in advance which places to visit in Copenhagen. In just two days in Copenhagen, you can get a taste of this charming city, discover the truth about hygge, and don’t leave disappointed. We visited Copenhagen with a baby, so we carefully planned what to see in Copenhagen a few weeks before our trip, so we were not running from one tourist attraction to another like headless chickens. If you plan only one day in Copenhagen, feel free to modify our itinerary according to your needs.

Top things to do in Copenhagen

On the first day, we will visit the northern part of the city and on the second day the southern one. The starting point for our Copenhagen travel guide is the Nørreport station. Click here to download the Copenhagen tourist map.

Copenhagen Day 1

Torvehallerne Food Market

Frederiksborggade 21

If you spend 2 days in Copenhagen it if worth visiting Torvehallerne

Let’s start our day with a strong coffee and delicious smørrebrød sandwich. Walk among the stands and buy some snacks for later. You can find here a wide range of the best food in Copenhagen, for example, fresh bread and french baguettes, chocolate and ice creams, exotic spices and fruits, smoothie bowls and porridge.

Botanical Garden

Gothersgade 128

Botanical Garden is a must-see during 48 hours in Copenhagen

Although the entrance to the garden itself is free of charge, to visit the glasshouse and Butterfly House (available in the summer only), you need to purchase the ticket (60 DKK). Spot the different species of birds as well as little turtles and fish in the ponds. At the main gate, there is a small shop with cute, flower-inspired souvenirs.

King’s Garden (Kongens Have)

Øster Voldgade 4

visit Kongens during 2 days in Copenhagen

One of the best free things to do in Copenhagen is having a walk around this beautiful park full of flowers, fountains, sculptures, and singing birds in King’s Garden. Rest on the bench or lay down on the grass under the shade trees. In the end, find a statue of Hans Christian Andersen at the end of a long tree-lined path.

Rosenborg Castle

Øster Voldgade 4A
Admission fee: 115 DKK, free with Copenhagen Card

Rosenborg Castle is one of the top 10 things to see during a weekend in copenhagen

Visit a pearl of the King’s Garden, the summer residence of the king Christian IV, built in the early 17th century. The most famous attraction of the Rosenborg Castle is the Knight’s Hall with the coronation thrones guarded by the three silver lions. You can also watch the tapestries on the walls and visit the private king’s rooms. Then, in the tower chambers, you can see the collection of Flora Danica and collection of the Venetian glass. Last but not least, don’t miss the Crown Jewels exhibition in the basement.

Nyhavn district and the harbor

Nyhavn district and harbour are worth visting while in Copenhagen

Take a picture of colorful gabled townhouses and ship masts reflected upon the water and see why the canal Nyhavn was long a haunt for sailors and writers. Hans Christian Andersen wrote The Tinderbox and The Princess and the Pea while living at number 20. The harbor area is bustling, so it is an excellent place to people watch. You can enjoy some Danish cuisine at the restaurants along the canal, however, keep in mind higher prices.

Amalienborg Slot

Amalienborg palace square

Amalienborg Slot is one of the places to see in copenhagen in 2 days

Take a look at the four identical palaces, home of the current queen and watch the changing of the guard at noon. It is worth the visit even just to see exteriors. If the royal flag is on top of the building queen is currently in the castle. You may also visit the museum and the private chambers of former kings and queens, however, in our opinion is it optional. Admission fee: 105 DKK.

Marble Church

Frederiksgade 4

marble church in copenhagen

Visit this one of Copenhagen’s most imposing architectural assets and find out why it is so popular to be married in this beautiful church. Its dome has been inspired by St. Peter’s in Rome and offers fantastic city views. You can visit it every day at 1 PM during the summer (and at 1 PM during the weekends of the rest of the year).


Kastellet top 10 things to do in copenhagen 2 days in Copenhagen

Walk on the grassy ramparts of this star-shaped fortress surrounded by a moat. There is an excellent viewpoint next to the historic windmill as well as monumental Gefion Fountain on the other side of the fort. You can toss a coin and make a wish!

Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid: 2 days in Copenhagen itinerary

A Copenhagen must-see, although honestly speaking, we don’t understand all the excitement around this sculpture. This small statue perched on rocks on the seashore was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale and gifted to the city of Copenhagen by Danish brewer Carl Jacobsen.

Copenhagen Day 2

The Round Tower (Rundetarn)

Købmagergade 52A
Admission fee: 25 DKK

round tower where to go in copenhagen in 2 days

Visit the oldest functioning observatory in Europe (although used only by amateurs now). Walk the spiral, almost stairless path, and have a fantastic 360-degree view of the city, or even Sweden if you have an Eagle Eye and the day is bright. You can also stand on the glass floor and look down to see the tower’s core.

Nikolaj Kunsthal

Nikolaj Plads 10
Admission fee: 70 DKK – free on Wednesday

Nikolaj Kunsthal 2 days in Copenhagen things to see

Nikolaj is the name of the Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, located in the church built in the 13th century. Usually, there are up to 9 of exhibitions on various topics, presented via innovative art. It is not a must-see as soon as you are a fan of modern art.

Strøget and Strædet streets

Strøget is a long pedestrian street that connects Radhuspladesn with Kongens Nytrov. You can find there a whole variety of shops from budget-chains to the most luxurious ones, as well as plenty of bars, restaurants, and exciting sights. Don’t miss the cozy Strædet street which runs parallel to crowded Strøget and it is a great place to shop for local souvenirs.



Firstly, climb to the tower of Vor Frelsers Kirke. The last 150 steps run along the outside rim of the tower!
Secondly, head to our next point of interest, which is the colorful Christiania community, full of hippie and laid-back vibes. It is a very particular tourist attraction and a contrast to the center of Copenhagen. You can grab a drink or light lunch, and buy some handmade gifts. Don’t take pictures, especially around Pusher St., where non-legal substances are sold.

Tivoli Gardens

Vesterbrogade 3
Admission fee: basic entrance 120DKK, multi-ride ticket 230-290 DKK, free with the Copenhagen Card

Tivoli Gardens fun things to do in copenhagen

One of the best things to do in Copenhagen is to visit Tivoli Gardens. Even if you are not a big fan of amusement parks, you will fall in love with this magical garden. Although it is the most famous of the world’s tallest carousel and best roller coasters, don’t miss the live performances and try to attend free music concerts. There are many decent restaurants and cafés in the garden as well as some gift shops. We recommend going to the Tivoli Gardens in the evening to observe the enchanting illumination.

2 days in Copenhagen – basics

Best time to visit Copenhagen

The capital of Denmark is great all year round, but in our opinion, the best time to visit Copenhagen is from April to September. Spring and summer’s pleasant temperatures let you spend more time visiting outdoor Copenhagen tourist attractions and enjoying seasonal activities, so don’t hesitate to plan a romantic weekend in Copenhagen or short city break between spring and autumn months. In short, our 2 days in Copenhagen itinerary will show you that it’s possible to have an enriching and memorable experience in just 48 hours!

How expensive is Copenhagen?

Denmark is generally an expensive country, therefore, a trip to Copenhagen may strain your wallet.

  • A meal in an inexpensive restaurant: 120 DKK
  • Cappuccino: 40 DKK
  • Beer 0.5-liter draught: 50 DKK
  • Water 1.5 liter: 8 DKK
  • A loaf of bread: 20 DKK
  • Cigarettes 20 Pack: 45 DKK
  • Single ticket (public transport): 24 DKK
  • Gasoline 1 liter: 11 DKK

Copenhagen Card

Copenhagen Card grants you unlimited transportation in the entire city (including the airport route) and free admission to more than 80 attractions and museums, and many discounts. Click here to buy the card online.

Getting around Copenhagen

Getting from the airport

Use the metro or train and get to the city center (Kongens Nytorv or Nørreport) in less than 20 minutes. There is also a bus 5C which goes directly to the Copenhagen Central Station and the journey takes around 30 minutes.

On your feet

2 days in Copenhagen

Walk on the cozy Copenhagen streets and during your stroll, get a feel for the beat of the city, meet the locals, and feel like you are a part of the town. Also, you can discover things the city guides don’t mention. For example, this is how we found our hidden gem – charming Olufsvej street, full of pastel houses and mallows.

Rent a bike

rent a bike for 2 days in Copenhagen

Around 55% of all Copenhageners commute to work or school by bike! Rent a bike and feel like a local exploring the city on two wheels. Click here to find more about bike rentals.

Public transport

Explore the city of Copenhagen and surroundings with metro, trains, buses or water buses. They are very punctual and will take you everywhere you want. Metro is in service 24/7 and runs every 2-4 minutes (rush hours) and 3-6 minutes (weekends, outside rush hours).

Tickets: the same ticket can be used in all the public transport services, and the cost of 2 zone tickets (perfect for our trip) is 24 DKK. On the other hand, if you plan to use public transport more frequently, consider buying a Copenhagen City Pass. You can choose between City Pass Small and City Pass Large. Click here to read more.

Copenhagen Bus and Boat Hop-On Hop-Off

Explore Copenhagen at your own pace with a 48-hour pass to the city’s double-decker sightseeing bus and access to a boat tour of the canals. Above all, you can hop off at up to 25 city center stops, including the Gefion Fountain, Amalienborg Royal Palace and the legendary commune of Freetown Christiania.

Where to stay in Copenhagen?

In our opinion, the best area to stay in Copenhagen is Indre By (Inner City) where you will have all the Copenhagen best places within walking distance.

Click here to find some homely accommodation options near Copenhagen cruise terminal.

Cheap hostel in Copenhagen

Bedwood Hostel
Excellent location in the center of the city and only $36 for a bed in the mixed dormitory room. Click here to check the availability.

Unique hotels in Copenhagen

71 Nyhavn Hotel
This boutique hotel is situated in the outstanding location in the Nyhavn district, and it is housed in two converted warehouses. We love it for the fantastic views, tasty breakfasts, and friendly staff. Click here to check the availability.

Hotel Sanders
First-class hotel in the heart of Copenhagen. Enjoy a rooftop conservatory garden, elegant decor, and exceptional breakfast. Click here to check the availability.

Nimb Hotel
Located in the Tivoli Garden, this place will move you into another world. This boutique hotel is housed in the Moorish-style building and grants you unlimited access to the amusement park. Enjoy the stylish decor and best class restaurant. Click here to check the availability.

What to eat in Copenhagen

Rød pølse

Grilled sausages from pork served with mustard or ketchup. Their red color is obtained from carmine. They are a typical Danish fast-food.



Smørrebrød means “bread spread”. It is an open sandwich made of dark bread (rugbrød), spread with butter, covered with additives in the form of salad, chicken, tuna, beef, tomato, prawns. Smørrebrød is usually eaten with a knife and a fork.


Frikadeller are pan-fried meatballs. You can eat them with potatoes, cabbage or put them on your rugbrød and eat as a sandwich.


2 days in Copenhagen Danish fishcake

These Danish fishcakes are pan-fried not-breaded patties. They can be served with potatoes and salad. Great lunch option!

Hindbær Snitter

Hindbær Snitter copenhagen

Delicious Danish bars filled with raspberry jam. You can serve them to your guest for an afternoon tea or take with you as a snack.

What to buy in Copenhagen

Chocolate turtles

2 days in Copenhagen  chocolate turtles

These turtle-shaped chocolates from Toms are filled with sweet rum-flavored cream. In some gift shops, you can find different flavors of the turtles wrapped in decorative packaging.

Royal Copenhagen porcelain

This blue and white porcelain is a luxurious and classy gift option, and it is recognized by the three wavy lines mark. Royal Copenhagen porcelain is appreciated by, for example, Oprah Winfrey or Elton John.

Butter cookies in the decorative tin

Amongst many butter cookies sold in tins, the Royal Danks ones are the most recognizable with the tin showing the old Danish farmhouse. However, if you are not able to find them in the local market, you an order them online.

The best day trips from Copenhagen

It is worth to visit two superb castles Frederikborg and Kronborg, located in the Copenhagen city center’s neighborhood: see some daily tours below.
Did you know that it takes only 20 minutes to get from Copenhagen airport to Malmö in Sweden? So if you want to spend a day visiting two Swedish cities Malmö and Lund, check the special daily tour offer below.

Few words from us

To sum up, we hope that you enjoyed our 2 days in Copenhagen itinerary and you are more confident now about what to do in Copenhagen in two days. Above all, keep in mind that our guide on what to see in Copenhagen is based on our experience and preferences. Unfortunately 2 days are not enough to visit all the top attractions in Copenhagen, however, it is enough to fall in love in the capital of Denmark.

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