Not all those who wander are lost.

Hey there!

We are Marta (33), Milosz (31), and Filip (2 years)—a Polish traveling family living in Wroclaw, Poland. English is our second language, so bear in mind 🙂

As a couple, we have been traveling together for ten years now. Before that, Marta lived in Spain for nine months (working in Ibiza, and then studying SEO in Barcelona with Mal), currently she works as a Polish copywriter.

Our first joint trip was an All-Inclusive holiday to Egypt’s Hurghada. Next one—mini-tour around Europe in the footsteps of the band Metallica. We liked the idea of backpacking trips so much that now we cannot imagine traveling the world differently. Regardless of where we go, our focus is simple: travel light, on a budget, and concerning the natural environment and different from our cultures.

We created BackpackersWro (a combination of backpackers and Wrocław) to share our travel tips for minimal, budget travels with or without kids.

We want to inspire people to travel smart and help them organize their unforgettable trip based on the information we found and tested before. After years of traveling, we know what tips are the most useful to fully enjoy the travel even with a limited income. We are also aware that not everyone can afford a long vacation, which is why we plan to provide ready-made solutions for short 1-3-day weekend trips.

Before each trip, we prepare a detailed plan—what we want to visit, what expenses we can expect, what dishes of the local cuisine are worth tasting or what to buy as a souvenir. It is quite useful as thanks to a good organization, we can focus on what we like the most—getting lost and discovering the places out of travel guides.

What is backpacking?

For us, backpacking is traveling with a piece of small luggage (ideally a backpack!). It is also characterized by organizing travel on our own, using public transport, cheap accommodation. A few months ago, after our little fellow, Filip was born, we had to resign of sleeping from the airports, and occasionally, we also rent a car. So, depending on the trip, we call ourselves backpackers or flashpackers.

What is flashpacking?

It is basically backpacking with a higher budget. But don’t get us wrong! We use slightly more income just to make sure that our little boy travels safely and comfortably. For us, basically, it means—renting a car in places with poor public transport and looking for accommodation with a private bathroom.

Why backpacking?

Well, necessity is the mother of invention. We started traveling as poor students, and we only went to the places where there were cheap flights, and our favorite button on was “filter by the cheapest.” Although now we have more flexibility, we see no point in spending a lot of money on the things we don’t need.

Why minimalist travel?

The more we travel, the less we need.

Imagine that you are going on the trip and plan to visit ten different countries in Asia. You have several flights scheduled at various times a day. It means that if your flight is in the late evening, you need to check out at noon and then … continue sightseeing! With a backpack, it is so comfortable—of course, you can always leave your luggage in the hotel, but in our case, it gives us more freedom to have all our stuff with us.

Another one—in Manila, we had only 30 minutes to change the terminal and run for another flight. There was no other option than taking a bus (ghost bus, we would say…) or waiting around in the never-ending queue and taking a taxi. We entered the plane at literally the last minute, running and begging for a miracle. We wouldn’t make it having a big suitcase with us. Seriously.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy reading our tips,

Marta, Milosz, and Filip

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  1. Karolina Klesta says:

    Love your blog! Keep living your dream life. I haven’t heard of flashpacking before but it seems like a great way to travel with a baby.

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