Awesome Things to Do in Rome with a Baby

Before leaving for our first trip to Rome with our baby, we did a little research to find out what are the things to do in Rome and how other parents describe their trip to Rome with a baby. Visiting Rome with a toddler was usually described as a resultless search for a changing table, feeding places, walkways unsuitable for pushchairs, crowds, and noise. However, it did not discourage us, and we decided to take a risk. Also, it was the first flight and first foreign trip for our 4-month-old son.

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How many days in Rome with a baby?

If you are wondering how long to spend in Rome with a baby, use our tip: we spent 3 days in Rome, but we’ve found that it would be good to have one more day available, as there are so many cool things to do in Rome with kids!

The most comfortable way to get to Rome from Ciampino airport

There are several options to get to the center of Rome from Ciampino Airport, but due to the amount of luggage and baby on board, we decided to take a taxi from the airport. One of the taxi drivers waiting at the arrivals gate, priced a trip to the city on 60 euro, while the other one picked us up for 30 euros. Getting to the Vatican area from the Ciampino airport took us about 40 minutes.

Let us recommend this taxi company, as we also used it on the way back. You can order a taxi online at the right time and place and pay online with your credit card. The company called us 10 minutes before the arrival of a cab, providing the name of the car and information that the taxi driver will arrive soon. The hotline is also supported in English. To clarify, the price from the center of Rome to Ciampino airport (and vice versa) is always 30 euros. Check their webpage here:

Moving around Rome with a baby


We love walking, and certainly, it is the best way to see Rome with a baby. Most of the pedestrian areas are paved, but it is not a big obstacle for a baby stroller. Only from time to time, we had to lift the stroller and move it over the curb or stairs. There are convenient descents at the pedestrian crossings but be careful, and make sure that you keep your eyes around your head, as most of the Italian drivers do not care about green light!

Changing tables

We found a proper changing table only in the area of the Coliseum. Unfortunately, most toilets in restaurants are not suitable for nappy changing.


We rarely use public transport while traveling with a baby, but this time we were looking for some time-savers. When going down to the metro station, it is worth placing our baby into a baby carrier. At the metro station, we found several elevators to move between the platforms, but to get to the station itself, you have to go down the stairs and lift the stroller.

Hop-On Hop-Off

Choose this option if you want to visit the city at your own pace, but also you want to make sure that you don’t miss the best tours in Rome. There are two loops in the historic city center to visit sites such as the Spanish Steps or the Colosseum. [Click here to book your ticket online]

Top 10 things to do in Rome with a baby

There are so many places to visit in Rome, and luckily, many of them are available for babies. Fortunately, you can spend a lot of time outside and walk through the city like through an open museum. In short, let’s see what to do in Rome, and what are the best things to do in Rome with a baby:

Vatican and St. Peter’s Square

This point does not include visiting Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica. However, if you want to go inside, please remember that you can’t access the Basilica with a stroller – you need to leave it in deposit, and for Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, the stroller is not a comfortable option – there are narrow passages, stairs, and crowds. Instead, have a walk around St. Peter’s Square and admire the beauty of the cathedral. This is also one of the most beautiful places in Rome to visit at night!

rome with a baby

Visiting Colosseum

Colosseum is one of the most baby-friendly places in the Eternal City and one of the Rome top attractions. Firstly, there is a toilet with a changing table. Secondly, you can access the Colosseum with a stroller as it is very accessible as there are an elevator and ramps.
Tip: to avoid long queues, book the ticket online. It will enable you to skip the line. [Click here to book your ticket online]

rome with a baby

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain is one of the top things to see in Rome. It is beautiful, accessible, and free. Toss a coin to ensure good fortune and fast return to Rome.
Tip: be there early morning to avoid crowds.


The first step to get to know the history of ancient Rome and one of the must-do in Rome is visiting Pantheon.
Pantheon was converted to a Christian Church by Pope Boniface IV, on May 13, 609 and it was the first instance of Christian worship. The temple previously erected by Agrippa to Jupiter the Avenger, to Venus and to Mars, was consecrated by the Virgin Mary and all the Martyrs. As a next step, twenty-eight cartloads of sacred bones were said to have been removed from the Catacombs and placed in a porphyry basin beneath the high altar.
The entrance is free, therefore we recommend to be there in the morning to avoid long queues.

rome with a baby

Piazza di Spagna and Spanish Steps

Don’t worry because you don’t need to climb the Spanish Steps by yourself to feel the unique atmosphere of the Piazza di Spagna. There is an elevator (towards the Vicolo Del Bottino) at the subway station that goes from the Piazza di Spagna to Trinità de’ Monti. Admire the views of the narrow streets of the Eternal City and beautiful rooftops and be aware of pickpockets!

Piazza del Popolo or Piazza Navona

Choose one of the Piazzas to watch the fountains, meet the locals, and rest in one of the numerous cafes. Both Piazzas are easily accessible with a stroller.

Villa Borghese Gardens

Have a rest in the green area just in the middle of the city and spend some time outdoors or visit museums.
Tip: there is a playground for little ones and a daycare center for children (Casina di Raffaello).

Bocca della Verità

The mouth of truth is an ancient lie detector so if you are brave enough, enter your hand inside. If you are a liar, it will eat your fingers! Be there early morning to avoid a long queue.

rome with a baby

Tiberian Island

Little pearl on the Tiber River. It is connected with bridges to both sides, so don’t miss is while heading to Trastevere.
Tip: make sure you try basil ice cream in the local gelateria.

rome with a baby


Get lost in the narrow streets, feel a unique atmosphere of the district, and finally stop at one of the numerous cafes or trattorias to meet the locals and try the best of Italian food and Roman dishes.
Tip: there are a lot of little corners and hidden benches so you will feel comfortable while breastfeeding.

rome with a baby

Where to stay in Rome with a baby

Accommodation in Rome is an endless topic, so be prepared for long research. When choosing a place to stay with a baby, we always look for family-friendly hotels, and make sure that our room meets the following conditions:

  • above all, the presence of children must be accepted, great if the stay is free for a baby
  • center location, close to tourist attractions, or subway station, so that you can quickly return to the room for changing or feeding
  • access to the elevator
  • baby cot available
  • private bathroom

We chose a place near the Vatican Museum, and we were happy with our stay, so we can genuinely recommend this B&B. [Click here to check the availability]

or… find your own accommodation

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