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Wondering how to spend an amazing 2 days in a new place? Follow our 2-day itineraries and discover the unhidden gems of the world with us!

2 Days in Malta: How To Make The Most of The Weekend in Malta

2 days in Malta

With 2 days in Malta, you can encounter a slice of Malta and its beautiful coastlines, culture, and ancient ruins. This Two days in Malta Itinerary will help you make the most out of your short trip to this beautiful island. Due to limited time, we focus only on the southeastern part of Malta.

2 Days in Copenhagen: The Perfect Copenhagen Itinerary

Aer you spending 2 days in Copenhagen and don’t know where to begin? Following our two days itinerary, you can visit all of the top tourist attractions in Copenhagen, experience the vibrant atmosphere of the city, savor local cuisine and fall in love in the capital of Denmark.