Are you wondering what things to buy in Dubai and to bring back home? There are lots of useful and unique Dubai souvenirs to buy or bring as gifts to friends and family.

The list of gift options available in Dubai is countless. We always try to buy gifts that are useful or edible and locally made. Perhaps you are wondering what to buy in Dubai, so don’t hesitate to benefit from our knowledge and buy the most authentic and the best Dubai souvenirs. Continue reading because here’s a list of the best souvenirs from Dubai (in our opinion):


Bateel Dates

best things to buy in dubai

Bateel is considered the best dates brand company in Dubai. We like the fact that Bateel selects only the best quality dates and takes great pride in its organic ethos. We are always looking for organic products grown in their natural environment with the lowest possible or no chemical intervention. The variety of available dates is enormous, including our favorite Medjool dates. If you plan to buy some dates and bring delicious gifts from Dubai for your loved ones, look for the ones packed in pretty gift boxes.

You can find Bateel Boutiques at various locations across Dubai, including all the best malls in Dubai (Marina Mall, Mall of the Emirates, The Dubai Mall and more) as well as purchase Bateel products online.

Dried Fruits

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Dried fruits are loaded with micronutrients, fiber, antioxidants, and they are the basis of Arabic cuisine. Why don’t you bring them home as a healthy souvenir from Dubai? Buy them directly from vendors in one of the Dubai souks, grocery stores, or markets. Most of them are imported, and you can choose between dried apricots, figs, dates, almonds, mulberries, raisins, cashews, prunes, and more. They are usually sold by weight or prepackaged.

In our opinion, the best place to get delicious dried fruits from is Dubai Spice Souk. It has the greatest variety of good quality dried fruits at affordable prices (don’t forget to bargain!).


spices in Dubai

Visit Dubai Spice Souk for the largest selection of Arabic spices. Good quality spices are one of the best things to buy in Dubai. We love walking between the little stalls with colorful mountains of spices, and additionally, we find their prices cheaper compared to European ones. We never leave Dubai without a bunch of cinnamon sticks and nutmeg and for us, spices are the most useful and the best gift from Dubai.

If you like cooking and experimenting with new recipes, look for ras el hanout, za’atar and sumac. Other spices such as cumin, turmeric, and cardamom are useful in every kitchen. Spice Souk is also one of our favorite places to visit in Dubai at night.

Black Limes (Loomi)

Loomi is a great gift for all fans of cooking and the ones who like discovering new flavors. You can use dried black limes as a spice and add them to your dishes (they taste best with soups and stews), giving them a sour and oriental flavor.

You can buy a 30g Loomi package for around $6. Click here to read more about this delicacy.

Camel Milk Chocolate

Camel milk chocolate is a relatively new product on the Dubai gifts market. Al Nassma is the first and only brand in the Arab Emirates, producing chocolate with camel milk. As producers ensure they do not add any artificial additives to their products, and all production takes place in Dubai. There are various types and flavors of Al Nassma chocolate. Choose between whole milk, nuts and cocoa 70%, Arabia (seasoned with local spices and honey), macadamia orange and more.

You can find the Camel Milk Chocolate in some souvenir shops in Dubai, in most Dubai mall stores as well as order the chocolate online.

Coffee and Tea

coffee and tea

Arab’s countries are famous for excellent coffee, and in Dubai, you can find local cafés that offer all possible ways of brewing. You can buy Arabic coffee in many stores and souks. It also comes with spices, e.g., cardamom.

Tea lovers will feel like heaven in Dubai. Unique tea blends are worth buying by weight or in richly decorated boxes. Remember to bargain!


buying gold in dubai

Dubai likes to call itself a golden city, and gold is what Dubai is famous for. Is gold cheap in Dubai? Yes! It is much cheaper compared to, for example, European prices. If you are a fan of gold, you will be in shopping heaven. If not, it may be a good idea to check with your loved ones if they would not be happy with a gift made of gold, for example, on the upcoming birthday.

For gold shopping in Dubai, we recommend the Gold Souk. In our opinion, it is the best place to buy gold in Dubai. In addition to the massive selection of golden goods, tourists can admire the real gold treasures (e.g., Najmat Taiba, the giant gold ring, weighing as much as 64 kg and worth $3 million). Buying the gold in Dubai at the Gold Souk, you can be sure of its authenticity. The government controls the goods sold while guaranteeing that the products we purchase are 100% original.



Attar is a naturally distilled perfume oil made from flowers, herbs, spices, or barks. Once extracted, it ages from one to ten years in a wood base. Attars are free of alcohol and have been used in the Eastern world for thousands of years. Attars are considered having a unique healing effect, and they are divided into categories based on their impact on the human body.

There are various kinds of attars sold so if you are not sure which attar to buy, go to Perfume Souk in Deira and ask for assistance. Vendors can recommend a mixture according to your needs. You can also purchase attar at perfume shops at the Dubai duty-free shops, in the Dubai mall shops or order online.

Mr. Fox Essential Oils

Mr. Fox is a Dubai-based company that produces high-quality, handmade essential oil blends. Mr.Fox uses vegan, ethically sourced, cold-pressed, and organic certified ingredients. You can choose from various skincare products, natural remedies, aroma spray as well as beard oils.

You can purchase Mr.Fox products at various Dubai shopping malls (e.g. Times Square Center, Marina Souq) as well as buy them online.

Oudh & Bakhoor

bakhoor from Dubai

For us city of Dubai smells an intense, resinous scent, which is why Oudh and Bakhoor will be another proposition for an original gift from Dubai. Bakhoor is a type of incense in the form of agar flakes. In the old days, smoking Bakhoor was designed to scare away insects, ghosts, and aromatize the rooms. This tradition is derived from Arab nomadic peoples. In turn, Oudh is agar resin oil, used in the production of perfumes.

You can buy both Oudh and Bakhoor at best shopping malls in Dubai as well as Deira or Dubai Spice Souk.


pashmina from dubai

Pashmina is a traditional, hand-woven scarf made of cashmere or a cashmere-silk blend. Make sure you check the authenticity of the product before buying it. It is said that the original and good quality pashmina should not cost less than $150.

Look for high-quality pashmina in any Dubai shopping center.


It is not difficult to lose your head while shopping in Dubai. Everything is available here, shopping centers and souvenir shops in Dubai are tempting tourists with promotions, colors, and air conditioning. However, it is worth considering before buying whether we really need a plastic Aladdin lamp or colored slippers. We hope that our guide will help you choose useful and the best things to buy from Dubai. And remember that if you are not sure what to purchase, you can always buy Dubai souvenirs online.

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