10 Things to Buy in Poland: The Best Polish Souvenirs

Things to Buy in Poland

Are you wondering what things to buy in Poland and to bring back home? There are lots of fun and unique Polish souvenirs to buy or bring as gifts to friends and family.

The list of gift options available in Poland is countless. Perhaps you might want to benefit from some local knowledge and buy the best Polish products. If you do, continue reading below because here’s a list of the 10 top things to buy in Poland.

10 Things to Buy in Poland:

Amber Jewelry

Things to Buy in Poland Amber

Amber is the best souvenir from your stay on the Polish coast. In Polish folk medicine, amber was a very popular remedy for various illnesses. The most popular gift is silver jewelry with amber. You will find the largest selection of amber products in Gdańsk.

Decorative Easter Eggs

Best Polish Souvenirs Easter Eggs

Looking for some traditional gift from Poland? Our folkloric Easter eggs are real works of art. Patterns depend on the region of Poland, and they can be painted, scratched, stuck, or waxed. As a souvenir from Poland, we recommend wooden Easter eggs that will survive the journey and will please the eye for years. You can buy them during fairs and regional events, souvenir shops or at some polish airports.

Pottery from Bolesławiec

What to buy in Poland
Our minimalist collection of Boleslawiec ceramics

We always buy Bolesławiec ceramics for our foreign friends and we think it is the best souvenirs from Poland you can get. It’s simply beautiful, and it works well as tableware or kitchen decor. Bolesławiec is a small town located in Lower Silesia. Ceramics have been produced there since the beginning of the 19th century, and still, every product is hand-decorated with characteristic patterns. You can buy Bolesławiec ceramics at various souvenirs shops or purchase online. Lately, we found a small Japanese Cafe in Berlin, fully equipped with Bolesławiec pottery!

Polish old-school gadgets

Polish design from the 60s, 70s, and 80s is still very popular. There are many, often humorous, references to the PRL era, as well as everyday design that we remember with a sentiment. We recommend buying a mug used in a milk bar, a T-shirt with a Polish word or an artistic poster. Our favorite store with this type of gadgets and other Polish souvenirs online is PTNS.

Linen products

Gifts from Poland

Natural linen is one of the noblest materials, as it is entirely natural and biodegradable, skin-friendly, and extremely durable. Linen products have accompanied Polish people for centuries, so consider buying beautiful napkins or tablecloth with traditional Polish pattern.

Kabanosy (Polish dry sausage)

best things to buy in poland

Sausages and vodka are two main polish export products. Kabanosy are thin, long sausages, prepared from corned pork, carefully dried and smoked. There are various types of them, and they are perfect for eating on the go. If you are not a vegetarian, don’t leave Poland without buying some sausages! You can buy them at every grocery shop, gas station, and the airports.

Polish sweets

Bird's milk

Don’t leave Poland without trying our sweets. The must-try is Ptasie Mleczko (bird’s milk). It is a vanilla-flavored milk froth covered with milk chocolate. If you like toffee, you will definitely enjoy krówki (fudges), and for hard candy, we recommend kukułki (cuckoos), which are caramels with cocoa filling with a delicate hint of alcohol.

Polish Vodka

bison grass vodka

We compete for the title of vodka homeland with Russia, but anyway, vodka is undoubtedly an element of Polish culture and tradition. It is often present during the most important celebrations and social gatherings, and it is considered a traditional Polish drink.

The most recognizable brand is Żubrówka with bison grass. In the past centuries, it was believed that the grass growing wild in the forest meadows is a real aphrodisiac and gives the power of the bison to those who consume it. The blade of grass in the bottle is protected as a trademark and gives additional flavor to the Żubrówka.

Oscypek cheese


It is a hard, smoked cheese, prepared from sheep’s milk, characteristic of Polish mountains, especially Podhale. You can buy it in almost all touristic places in Poland, during fairs and regional events. If you are lucky, you can find oscypek at some of the polish airports. Make sure that you purchase the oscypek from the stand or shop with the certificate as there are many cheaper imitations on the market. Last but not least, it tastes great warm and with a cranberry jam.

Ogórki kiszone (pickled cucumbers)

pickled cucumbers

If you are wondering what to buy in Poland for just a few Polish zlotys, we can recommend you traditional Polish superfood. Ogórki kiszone are cucumbers pickled with dill, garlic, horseradish, flooded with saltwater. The tradition of pickling cucumbers is deeply rooted in almost every Polish home. Thanks to the long-lasting fermentation process, they gain not only taste but also quality, that’s why pickled cucumbers are called a natural antibiotic. They can be a base for soups and salads or a separate snack. Buy them in the jar at every polish grocery shop or supermarket.


We hope that we helped you to find the best souvenir from Poland for you or for your loved ones. We have selected not only famous things to buy in Poland but also useful and beautiful ones. All our recommendations you can find in many shops in Poland as well as order online.

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