Bellagio is a beautiful town on Como Lake, situated in Northern Italy. Follow our recommendations for the best things to do in Bellagio in Italy!

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5 Things To Do In Bellagio (Italy)

You can be sure that there is a lot of things to do here. Bellagio is located in the Lombardy region, in the north of Italy and it is considered the most crucial resort on Lake Como. Don’t confuse it with Bellagio in Las Vegas!

Get Lost In The Bellagio Old Town

things to do in bellagio

There are so many things to do in Bellagio, Italy, but this is one of the best ones. Of course, it is almost impossible to get lost in the old part of Bellagio as there are only two parallel streets, crossed by smaller ones. From this part of the city, you can get on the ferry and sail to one of the villages on the other side of the lake or try some delicious Italian food in one of the best restaurants in Bellagio, eventually, buy a slice of takeaway pizza. Do some shopping, meet locals and learn some Italian words and, above all, take a walk through the atmospheric, Italian streets. You can also visit the Basilica di San Giacomo, which is located in the heart of this place.

Tip: Take a picture on one of the picturesque streets of the old town.

Have a Cannoncini at Pasticceria Sancassani

Piaza Canestri 10

Cannoncini is an Italian sweet, very popular in Central and Northern Italy. They are filled with various pastry creams. Our favorite and also the most popular is the Vanilla Cream. In the Pasticceria Sansassani, you can try some homemade cannoncini, as well as pastries or cakes, and have a good Italian coffee. Sit on the terrace and get to know better this hidden, but not very touristy treasure in Bellagio.

Relax at Villa Melzi Garden

Lungo Lario Manzoni

melzi garden bellagio

A beautiful garden at Lake Como with a large variety of carefully groomed vegetation so you can sit here on a bench and watch stunning views, take a walk along the paths, climb the viewpoints, and admire the architecture. Admission is 6 euro, but it’s worth checking out!

Visit Parchetto della Punta

Via Eugenio Vitali

things to do in bellagio

This little square is located at the edge of the headland but don’t worry, as the walk is not too demanding and takes about 10 minutes from the old town. Once there, you will find a small corner with a restaurant and a few benches among the trees. You can also go down the stairs to the lake level and soak your feet in the water.

Buy a Souvenir at Original Watercolors di Masits Agnes

Salita Monastero 16

Check out this small gallery and choose one of the original paintings of different parts of Lake Como. The watercolors are beautiful, affordable, and really, this is one of the best souvenirs you can bring from Bellagio!

Few words from us

We hope that you found our mini-guide useful. Bellagio is just one of the few picturesque villages on Lake Como but as it made a great impression on us, we will probably post some more articles about this lovely place. Click here to read our tips on how to get from Milan to Bellagio.

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