The Best Breakfast in Wroclaw: Top 9 Places To Start Your Day

best breakfast wroclaw

If you are looking for a unique place for the best breakfast in Wroclaw, we have prepared something special for you. We live in Wroclaw for years, and we can proudly say that finally, we have a diverse list of Wroclaw restaurants where you can start your day with delicious breakfast. Let us present to you our favorite places with a decent breakfast in Wroclaw.

What for breakfast in Wroclaw?

The places we have chosen for the best breakfast places in Wroclaw are located in the city center (Stare Miasto Wroclaw) and also are well connected by public transport. Wroclaw offers you a wide range of breakfast and brunch choices (English breakfast, French-style breakfast, traditional Polish one and more), so even for us, it is hard to choose our favorite one. After a delicious meal, you can start exploring the city and searching, for example, for gnomes of Wroclaw. Enjoy and don’t miss our post on best day trips from Wroclaw!

The best breakfast in Wroclaw – our choice

Gigi Cafe

Feriogaj, Świeradowska 51/57

best breakfast wroclaw
gigi cafe wroclaw
Gigi Cafe – here you find the best breakfast in Wroclaw!

Gigi Cafe is our favorite bakery and café in Wroclaw. It is located in the shopping center “Feriogaj” and offers freshly baked goodies. For breakfast, you can order a sandwich, sweet roll, donut, chocolate brownie, cheesecake, an enormous piece of meringue cake, croissant, and much more. Have it with freshly brewed coffee or tea served in our favorite pottery from Boleslawiec.

Why do we call it our favorite breakfast place in Wroclaw? Because of the quality. Every treat you can buy in Gigi Cafe is made of the best ingredients and smells and tastes like heaven. There are always queues here, and if you visit Gigi Cafe in the afternoon, you will probably find just a few pieces of cake left. We can recommend a few things here: “jagodzianka” – sweet roll full of fresh blueberries, little croissants with rose jam and meringue cake with raspberries. Don’t forget to buy some cookies or fresh bread for later or grab a delicious ice cream!

Prices: $ (coffee and sandwich/meringue cake: ~23 PLN)

For French breakfast


św. Antoniego 2/4

Of the many restaurants where you can have breakfast in Wroclaw, this is one of the most popular. Firstly, it has a great place on the map of Wroclaw – on the one hand, located in the center, surrounded by the most popular bars and pubs in Wrocław, on the other, in a quiet passage, away from the traffic. We recommend the outdoor seating area where you can admire the beautiful architecture. You can also go inside and get tempted by the smell of fresh bread. Secondly, the bread served in Charlotte is baked on-site, and the breakfasts are served in a French style. For example, one of the most popular sets served throughout the day is fresh bread, butter, jams, and chocolate or honey with hot drink or juice. Additionally, you can order an egg or a glass of wine.

Prices: $ (basic breakfast menu including drink: 18 PLN)

Giselle – French Bakery Cafe

Szewska 27

french breakfast in wroclaw

Bistro Giselle is located in the old town, a few steps from the Wroclaw Market Square, and if you like French vibes, this place will suit you. It is quite busy during the mornings, but it is worth waiting. You can choose between sweet and savory sets, but we like the most a Giselle breakfast and pancakes! We always have a hard time choosing a hot drink there, so we usually take both: fresh coffee and Kusmi tea, which is our favorite.

Prices: $ (Giselle set including hot drink or juice: 17 PLN)

Grab a bagel

Central Cafe

św. Antoniego 10

A few of our best restaurants in Wrocław can be found on the św. Antoniego street so just a few steps from Charlotte, there is a place where you can have the best bagels in the city of Wrocław. You can choose a sweet or savory version of your bagel, and if it is not enough, there are also pancakes, and eggs to compose your perfect breakfast. [Menu of Central Cafe Wroclaw]

Vegan breakfast

W Kontakcie

Benedykta Polaka 12/1b

Hummus heaven not only for vegans! The basic ingredients used here are based on vegetables from local crops, regional cheeses, and bread from proven bakeries. All dishes are vegan or vegetarian. This little restaurant is pretty busy, but it’s worth waiting for a free table. You can choose between hummus in various forms, shakshuka, porridge or eggs. Recommended set: 2 types hummus + ray bread + cheeses / eggs / avocado. For drinking, we love golden oat milk or linden tea. Enjoy!

Prices: $ (basic set 13-23 PLN + coffee 9 PLN)


Kniaziewicza 16

folgujemy wroclaw

The food here is well-executed – a seasonal menu is full of fresh, local products with a lot of vegan and vegetarian dishes. Our favorites are scrambled eggs, shakshuka, toasts, and all sweet breakfasts. Be there early morning to avoid crowds and don’t leave without trying their amazing cakes! While waiting for your meal, have a look at the great collection of cookbooks.

Prices: $$ (shakshuka + tea: 31 PLN)

For coffee lovers

Etno Cafe

various locations in Wroclaw

etno cafe breakfast wroclaw

You can not only eat a light breakfast here but also try the unique coffee from the speciality segment called Wroasters. There are few Etno Cafes in Wroclaw located in the most popular part of the city, but our favorite one is situated in the Ovo building (behind the Galeria Dominikanska shopping mall). We love it because of a cozy atmosphere, and the best coffee in town (sorry, Starbucks!). For breakfast, you can choose a bagel, a sandwich, scrambled eggs, a piece of cake, or chia pudding. In short, check the menu at the location to find more breakfast options. Also, if you are looking for a great souvenir from Wroclaw, bring some coffee package home.

Prices: $ (bagel: 12 PLN + coffee ~ 10-12 PLN)

Bema Cafe

Bolesława Drobnera 38

bema cafe wroclaw

Start your day strong with a good coffee brewed with alternative methods: choose between drip V60, Aeropress or chemex. For breakfast choose between various sandwiches, oatmeal, omelets, toasts or breakfast plates. If available, try pastel de nata or seasonal fruits with crumble.

Prices: $ (croissant + coffee 15 PLN)

Breakfasts of the world


plac Teatralny 8

dinette breakfast

Located a few steps from Wroclaw Market Square and in front of the opera building. This spacious and modern bistro will surprise you with a wide variety of breakfast choices from all over the world. Therefore, choose between traditional English breakfast, Swedish, Turkish, American, Italian, Moroccan, and of course, Polish breakfast! Breakfasts are served until noon. [Click here to check the current menu]

Prices: $$ (English breakfast: 23 PLN + coffee: ~10PLN)

Summary: best breakfast in Wroclaw

To sum up, we hope that our guide around our best places to eat in Wroclaw will help you to organize a fantastic morning in our city and find your best restaurant in Wroclaw. Certainly, we are going to update the list regularly, as every month we are discovering a new fantastic place in our city.


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