In this article, we present 5 ways of getting from Wrocław airport to the city center. We’ve sorted them from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. We’ve also included approximate travel time and some useful tips.


wroclaw airport to the city center
Bus stop in front of the Wroclaw airport

Getting from Wrocław airport to the city center by public transport is one of the cheapest way of transportation from the airport that we encountered in various cities around the world. One way ticket costs only 3.4 PLN (less than 1 USD) and buses leave the airport every 15 minutes.

The bus stop is on the right side of the terminal entrance. In order to get as close to the city center (the Market Square) as possible, get off at the “Pl. Orląt Lwowskich” bus stop (estimated travel time: 32 minutes). If you want to get to the train or bus station, get off at the last stop “Dworcowa” (estimated travel time: 40 minutes).

You can buy the ticket in the machine located at the exit of the Arrival terminal or in the bus. If you choose the second option, remember that the vending machines in the buses accept only credit and debit card. Do not be surprised if you do not receive a paper ticket – the ticket is coded directly on your bank card.

Click here to check the timetable


wroclaw airport

WRO Airport Express bus stops only at two stops: Galeria Dominikańska (shopping mall located in the city center, few steps from the Market Square) and Dworzec Autobusowy (Bus Station) which is located in the area of Wroclavia shopping mall. 

The bus runs every 50 minutes from the stop located near the Arrivals terminal. 

The ticket costs 10 PLN (about 2.6 USD) and can be booked  online or bought directly from the driver – cash and card payments are available. The journey time is about 30 minutes and free Wi-Fi is available on-board.


Uber Wroclaw airport

The huge advantage of requesting the Uber is a very short waiting time. Few cars are usually located near the airport, so you will wait no more than 5 minutes for a pickup. The fare depends on the time of day, but getting to the center of Wrocław should cost you about 25 PLN (6 USD).

To request the Uber, simply open the Uber app once you’ve collected your luggage and exited the terminal, select pickup location, destination and confirm your choice. The driver will meet you in front of the Arrivals terminal.



This is definitely one of the most expensive options. You can access taxis when you arrive – you will find them at the front of the Arrival terminals. Simply follow the sign. A ride to the city center should cost no more than50-60 PLN (13-15 USD). It is worth asking about the price of the ride before entering the taxi. 

We have several taxi companies in Wrocław offering low-fare journeys, but unless they are just bringing passengers from the city to the airport, they usually don’t wait longer than a few minutes at the front of the terminal. 

If you want to order any of the low-fare taxis in Wrocław, you must call the company or book the ride online. 

We recommend Ryba Taxi or WICAR.


Car rental desks are located in the Arrival hall. Click here for more info.

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