In our opinion, the Wrocław Christmas Market is one of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Poland. As we live in Wrocław, we have visited the fair several times this year. If you want to learn more about the magical Christmas Market in Wrocław, we invite you to read further.

Wrocław Christmas Market 2023 – Orientation




RYNEK (Market Square)
PLAC SOLNY (Solny Square)

How to get there?

The Wrocław Christmas Market takes place in the very center of the city. You can get here by bus and tram. We recommend getting off at one of the stops: Rynek, Zamkowa, Świdnicka, or Galeria Dominkańska. If you prefer to visit the Wrocław Christmas Market with a guide, here is an option for you.

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What to see on Wrocław Christmas Market

If you visit the Christmas Market with kids, they will not get bored. Opposite the Town hall, there is a Fairytale Forest (Bajkowy Lasek) where kids can watch how Santa Claus and his Elves prepare Christmas presents. Next to Santa’s house, there is a small roller coaster and a house with fairy tales and games.

Wrocław Christmas Market

Visit the stands located at every corner of the Rynek and try mulled wine (many flavors available). The wine is served in the original mugs in the shape of a Christmas shoe (the design of the cup changes every year, and it can be bought as a souvenir).

Lower Silesia Christmas

Going further, next to the huge Christmas tree, there is a Dwarf’s House where you can buy mulled wine, hot chocolate, holiday punch, coffee, and tea. There is also a big carousel and a stage where numerous concerts and shows take place. 

Christmas Market in Wrocław

On Solny Square (here you can buy fresh flowers 24 hours a day throughout the year), there is another huge Alpine-style house. It is worth going up to see the beautiful panorama of the Fair and the city center.

Wroclaw Christmas Fair

What to buy at Wrocław Christmas Market

We will not exaggerate, saying that you can buy almost everything here. You will definitely find most of the gifts and Christmas decorations here. Let’s start.

christmas decorations in Wroclaw

Hand-painted Christmas baubles

Christmas’ decorations. You can buy hand-painted glass Christmas baubles, Christmas tree decorations and lights in various sizes and colors, paper and wood decorations, tablecloths and Christmas tableware, candles, and Christmas wreaths. Most of these things are handmade in Poland, but it’s worth asking the sellers.

wroclaw xmas market
Wool socks

Winter clothes and accessories. As every year, the Christmas Market is visited by highlanders who sell sheep wool socks, thick gloves, hats, scarves, and sweaters. At other stands, you can find colorful T-shirts and handbags, eco-friendly hand-painted bags and jewelry – silver, gold, amber and with precious stones.

gingerbread wroclaw

Local Food. If you’re looking for excellent quality food, you’ll find a range of organic and regional groceries at the market: honey, oils, wines, cheeses, meats, sweets, spices, loaves of bread, cakes, gingerbread, dried fruits and many, many more.

christmas fair lower silesia

Ideas for Christmas gifts. One of our favorite stands is the one with handmade wooden toys and another one with pottery from Bolesławiec at stand 111 – in front of the Post Office – (in our opinion, the most beautiful ceramics from Lower Silesia region). If you are not sure what to buy as a gift, there are also various stands with mugs, posters, organic beauty products, gift sets (for example, with coffee and tea). We always try to support local businesses, therefore make sure that you visit stands with gingerbread from Wrocław (stand 202) and the one with products from Bieszczady mountains (stand 13).

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What to eat at Wrocław Christmas Market

Dried fruits

The most popular snacks and meals at the Wrocław Christmas Market are kurtoszkołacz (traditional Hungarian cake, served warm), grilled dishes (sausages, skewers, bigos, Knuckle), warm oscypek cheese with cranberry, pancakes and churros with chocolate, cotton candy, waffles, fries, fruits in chocolate and cakes. The choice is enormous, and you will not leave the market hungry. Also, at the Christmas Market, there are many stalls with European snacks (German, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Italian, and more). Keep in mind that prices are higher than you usually pay outside the fair.

Oscypek – sheep cheese served grilled with cranberry sauce


We visit the Christmas Market in Wrocław every year. We usually buy a Christmas bauble for our little one, look for unique gifts for family and friends, and soak up the festive atmosphere. Besides, every weekend there is a special Christmas event (e.g., Elf Parade). Check the official Wrocław Christmas Market website for more information.

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