The ZOO and Africarium in Wrocław are one of the most popular places to visit in Wrocław. You can spend several long hours in the Wrocław ZOO. It all depends on whether you want to see all the animals and stay at the Wrocław Africarium, or visit only part of the garden.

Our recommendation is to follow the map and signs at sometimes it is very easy to get lost and simply bypass the interesting places in the ZOO. If you’re visiting this place over the weekend, get ready for the crowds!

zoo wroclaw

ZOO & Africarium Wrocław: Orientation

Zoo and Africarium are located close to Hala Stulecia, so don’t forget to visit it as well. Just cross the street to see the only UNESCO site in Wrocław. Once there, have a look at the Pergola and Fountain and visit the Japanese Garden.

How to get here

  • Tram: 1, 2, 4, 10, 16 – stop: Hala Stulecia / ZOO
  • Bus 145, 146 – stop: Hala Stulecia
  • Near the ZOO, at Hala Stulecia, there is a large paid parking.


You can buy a ticket online, at the machines which are located near the entrance of the ZOO and in the cash desks.

Ticket prices vary depending on the discounts. A standard adult ticket is 55 PLN, while a reduced-price ticket 45 PLN. One ticket entitles you to enter both the ZOO and Africarium.

Opening Hours

The ZOO is open all year round – also on weekends and holidays from 9 AM – 6 PM (cash desks close at 5 PM).

Walking Tour

A walking tour around the ZOO and Africarium may take even a few hours. You do not have to follow the map as during the walk you will come across signposts that will help you choose the right direction. While exploring the Africarium, follow the direction of the sightseeing marked with arrows.

If you like you can download the mobile app (for iOS and Android) with the detailed map of the ZOO! You can find it in the App Store and Google Play.

ZOO Wrocław

If you like animals, you’ll love the Wrocław ZOO. We will not list all the species that you can see in the garden, but do not forget to visit wolves, seals, penguins, lions, giraffes, elephants, monkeys, kangaroos, red pandas and fennec, wildcat, lynx, bison… And this is just the beginning of the list!

Over the past several years, the ZOO in Wrocław has undergone a real metamorphosis. The cramped cages have been converted into extensive animal enclosures, and during the walk, you can visit places dedicated to specific places in the world (e.g. Himalayas or Madagascar) and expand your knowledge about animals living there.

Remember not to feed the animals, but do not miss the feeding shows! During the day, animal keepers show visitors how to feed and play with animals (we were able to observe seals playing, so cute!).

Wroclaw ZOO
Our little one looking at the giraffes.
Wroclaw ZOO
Wroclaw ZOO
Free-range for wolves
Wroclaw ZOO
Wroclaw ZOO
Living in the Himalayas
Wroclaw ZOO
Seal feeding show
Wroclaw ZOO
Wroclaw ZOO

Africarium Wrocław

The Africarium building seen from the outside is impressive. It is huge and designed in a modern style. The entrance to the Africarium is located a few steps from the main entrance to the ZOO.

Africarium Wroclaw

At the entrance of Africarium there is a map of the object, but you don’t need to memorize it as the sightseeing direction is marked with arrows.

Africarium Wroclaw

At the entrance there is a souvenir shop, a café, a cloakroom, toilets, as well as a place where you can take a souvenir photo. Start exploring heading right.

visiting Africarium in Wroclaw

During the walking tour you will be able to see various ecosystems related to the aquatic environment of Africa, including the Red Sea, East Africa, the Mozambique Channel, the Skeleton Coast and the Jungle on the Congo River.

Africarium Wroclaw

We were most impressed by the underwater tunnel with huge turtles and sharks, hippopotamus run with a waterfall and crocodiles.

afrykarium zoo wroclaw
Africarium Wroclaw


The ZOO and Africarium are real gems in Wrocław. We assure you that you will remember your visit to the zoo for a long time! On site there are several restaurants, cafés and places where you can relax. Have fun and don’t forget to check our 1 day in Wroclaw guide to feel like a local!

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